Role of the Hero Publishing is a new kind of company, designed from the ground up to deal with new sorts of problems.

Publishing has changed more in the last two years or so than it had in the last couple of decades before. We recognize that. In fact, we welcome that. With every change technology has brought, there have been winners and losers. The losers were those who failed to adapt. The winners were those who saw opportunity where others see only adversity.

At launch, we opened the doors with two distinct business models in place. Two different routes which writers can take, two paths to success.


1. We are publishing books as a small press.

That means we take submissions of writers’ work, and those we feel meet our standards of excellence and fall into the types of titles we market can enter into a partnership with us to produce the work. For these books, we operate much like other small publishers. We edit. We format the books (to ebook only, or ebook and print both, depending on the work). We have artists compose covers. We distribute the books into as many major and minor channels as we can. And we pay authors a royalty on sales of those books. Our royalty rate on ebook sales is among the most competitive in the industry.

Some folks say that publishing is dead. I’m here to say that’s not so – but the old model is. Sales of fiction in the USA are on track to be over 50% digital in 2012. Chain bookstore shelf space is shrinking fast. Our perspective is that we, as a publisher, can only succeed if the writers we partner with succeed. So our aim in selecting writers to work with is to find those who are willing to work hard, but who demand respect at the same time. Because we will offer that respect, and we’ll work right alongside you as hard as you do.


2. We help writers self publish their work.

But this means *really* self publish. For these works, the writer retains all rights and all control. It’s not uploaded to our account – it’s uploaded to yours. For these books, the writer pays flat fees for an a la carte selection of services. Need editing? Fine. Need a cover, but you can handle formatting and editing? OK. Need everything? We can do that, too. We even offer consulting, on the phone, while you upload your book – or we’ll upload it for you to your accounts and then walk you through changing your password if necessary.¬†Writers pay a flat fee, writers get the files, writers get 100% of the net income from sales, and we offer a free set of corrections on every book we produce, so if it’s not perfect, we’ll make it that way.

There are plenty of companies out there who offer to “help” writers publish. Most of these companies then upload the works to the company’s account, keep 50% or more of the income on those books – even though the writer paid up front for production costs. We feel that business model is unfair to the writer. We feel it is unethical practice for the business. And we’re here to give writers a better option.


Initial queries for both models are already pouring in. We WILL still accept manuscripts for the publishing model unsolicited, and will work with a writer with or without an agent. At the moment we are publishing fiction in the science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal genres.

Writers interested in trying out the self publishing “indie” route are also welcome to contact us with their queries for backlist or front list books.

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